JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2022

JMA International Jewelry Design Competition is organized by Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers ‘Association and J-Hub. It has been receiving continuous support from the jewelry industry in Hong Kong for 22 years. The competition is to act as a global platform for potential designers to communicate and exchange creative ideas. It aims at promoting design excellence in the jewelry industry and enhancing Hong Kong's jewelry design standard.

This year, the competition theme is “Flourish”, with 4 participating groups: Open Group, Computer Aided Design Group, Hand Sketch Group and Local Student Group. This year , we have received more than 1000 entries from 24 different areas and countries. Including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, India, UK, USA, Dubai, etc.

Competition Theme: " Flourish "
The pandemic has plunged the world into an extraordinary and difficult time. Nevertheless, a warm spring always follows by a cold winter, and tranquility always returns after a storm. If we can “Flourish” with a positive attitude and feelings like compassion and hope, warmth and vitality will come to us naturally.

 JMA has never feared for the challenges, "JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show" comes to its 30th edition; and the establishment of J-HUB was our determination to preserve the jewelry manufacturing industry's heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and to enable more practitioners to build their brands, discover new avenues in the future and shine in the international arena. Our objective is to help Hong Kong jewelry blossom like hundred flowers on the world stage.

The official result announcement and the award presentation will be held at “JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show” at Hall 1A, HKCEC on 24 Nov 2022. Details of the award presentation will be announced in due course. Stay tuned for more updates.

All open group jewelry pieces will be also displayed at “JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show” at Hall 1A, HKCEC on 24 -27 Nov 2022.

We look forward to your visit in November 2022!


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