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Hotel Sponsorship Programme: Terms & Conditions

(English version only)

1. The applicant MUST be a TRADE BUYER in jewelry related industry aged 16 or above.
2. Only OVERSEAS-BASED JEWELRY TRADE BUYERS are eligible for this programme. Residents and / or companies from China (including Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR) cannot enter the programme.
3. Each company would only enter the programme and redeem once. 
4. Only eligible for first-time applicant for this programme.
5. Priority to first-time visitor to JMA Hong Kong.
6. The applicant and/or his/her company MUST NOT be an EXHIBITOR or EXHIBITOR’S SUBSIDIARIES of JMA Hong Kong during 29 Nov – 2 Dec, 2018.
7. The applicant MUST NOT be the employees or the subsidiaries of the show organizer (HKJMA). 
8. The applicant’s information will also be used for pre-registration for the show entry.
9. The applicant must redeem in person at JMA Hong Kong during 29 Nov – 2 Dec, 2018.
10. No. of sponsorship for the programme is limited and on first-come-first-serve basis. 
11. Applicant MUST present the original copies of i) receipt of your onsite purchase (upon US$2,000 or above) from exhibitors at the show; ii) the relevant hotel booking receipt (must be under the same name as the applicant); iii) your passport and business card (must be under the same name and same company name as the applicant); iv) the email notification at the Business Centre in JMA Hong Kong during 29 Nov – 2 Dec, 2018 for redemption. Otherwise, no sponsorship will be offered. 
12. Offers are not in conjunction with any other buyer delegation programme(s) of JMA Hong Kong 2018. 
13. The final decision regarding the approval of the redemption is at the total discretion of the organizer (HKJMA) and shall be final. 
14. Organizer (HKJMA) reserves the rights to vary the terms and conditions, change or terminate the sponsorship programme without any prior notice.
15. In case of any disputes over the programme, the decision of the organizer (HKJMA) shall be final and binding.
16. Organizer (HKJMA) reserves the right to require participants to provide personal documents for verification purpose. Please click and view our Privacy Policy Statement