17 July 2020

Dear JMA members & friends from the industry,

An important statement in connection to the reschedule of
The Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong (JGW) to November 2020

On 8 July Informa Markets (Informa) announced through its official website to reschedule JGW to 9 – 13 November at the Asia World-Expo; exhibitors then received an email on 13 July demanding a reply. Due to hurry and in order to defend the benefits to the industry and members, I explicitly disagree with the reschedule arrangement and solicit industry practitioners as well as members not to accept the options with limitations provided by Informa with reasons as follows:

As the Chairman of the industry association, I sympathize with the epidemic situation that leads JGW to reschedule to November. Yet all of us clearly understand that putting two jewelry events within a month will cause unnecessary confusion to the market, buyers & exhibitors. Not to mention the current recessive economy around the world under COVID-19; the chance of overseas buyers to come and purchase by the end of the year is remote. Informa’s action will cause negative impact to the JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show that has been running for past 27 years with good reputation for members to sell jewelry samples or inventories not only to the global trade market but also the local market. Thus, I must protect our event & its benefits without reservation.

Being an exhibitor, I see the rescheduling of JGW to November means a fundamental change of timing, venue and arrangement for overseas buyers. I am in doubt if this still delivers the original JGW business potential. With all these changes, are these helpful to exhibitors? Although the reply allows the company to opt out, the rollover of 2020 payment to 2021 event without partial refund option (for example JCK offers 80% refund) seems unreasonable. It also neglects the extreme tight cash flow of exhibitors for the year.

Based on the above facts, I therefore expressly object and demand Informa to rectify the reschedule of JGW before 24 July and expect JGW in line with its sister show - the June fair be extended to respective show period in 2021. Both the June show and JGW should offer the 80% refund option for exhibitors, and the refund should be properly executed within 3 months.

Benny Do, Chairman of HKJMA

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