The Organizer

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association

Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association (HKJMA) is one of the leading jewelry associations in Hong Kong. HKJMA was established in 1988 with 60 jewelry manufacturers registered as founding members, and had over 400 jewelry manufacturers as members as at January 2014. HKJMA has obtained ISO 9001:2015, which recognized that the association has achieved an international management level.

HKJMA provides a variety of services and events, in order to promote and strengthen the leadership of "Hong Kong Jewelry" in global market. Services include:

Exhibition Organizer

Organizing the JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show and participating in more than ten overseas exhibition programs every year. For years, HKJMA has organized over 170 exhibition pavilions in more than 15 countries, to develop the global market.

Information Source Publish 《Hong Kong Jewelry Express》 Magazine

Compiling wide-ranging jewelry trade publications and providing updated industry online source. Publishing 《Hong Kong Jewelry Express》 Magazine which is a quarterly published catalog-magazine which plays a premier role in sourcing for new products and design trends. Each quarterly issue (published every March, June, September & December) focuses on certain international trade jewelry exhibitions, targeted to display new and updated products in time.

Research and Development

Encouraging jewelry manufacturing technology which includes: product design and development, new technology introduction, manufacturing support service and testing services.

Professional Education

Organizing various professional seminars and training courses.

China Market

Developing trading relationships and advancing Mainland China affairs.

Industry Representative

Representing the jewelry industry in local and international trade organizations, Voluntary Secretariat of Hong Kong Business Community Joint Conference.

HKJMA was the host of the CIBJO Annual Congress 2005. Over 160 delegates from 29 countries attended the Congress.

Brand Promotion

Organizing 《JMA International Jewelry Design Competition》to promote the creativity of Hong Kong jewelry. HKJMA has also launched the Hong Kong one and only jewelry beauty pageant, 《Miss Jewelry Hong Kong》. Champion will shoulder the responsibility to promote Hong Kong jewelry industry across the border.