International Designer Arena: Creative Hub for Original Jewelry Designs

"International Designer Arena" (IDA) has been introduced the Show as a featured zone since 2008. Jewelry designers from around the world, including Italy, Korea, Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., come together and display their one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

The special open area facilitates communication between designers and attracts buyers with unique taste. Don't miss out the once-a-year chance to showcase your magnificent masterpieces at the only Hong Kong jewelry show opens to both Trade and Public buyers!

To participate "International Designer Arena" (IDA), please send the enquires to hkjmashow@jewelry.org.hk

Words from Designers

This is already my third time joining the JMA Show. It is my favourite jewelry show because it's just before the festive season. The customers go shopping happily and joy is all around the venue. Most of my jewelry designers’ friends from Russia, Italy, and the US and I will join the JMA Show next year!

Carrie Lee – Hong Kong SAR

This is my first time joining the JMA Show. Through the JMA Show, we have set a new scene for the designers and colleagues in the jewelry industry. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the JMA show still attracts many visitors to attend and the show atmosphere is excellent. The exhibitors and visitors are both very delighted to see all the beautiful products. IDA also allows designers to interact with each other!

Maggie Ching – Hong Kong SAR